History of Doolin

Doolin Village was given it's name by the Townland of Doolin which lies half way between Fisherstreet and Roadford. This was once the location of Doolin House, Residence of the poet Francis MacNamara, the Landlord of this area in those days.
Nicolette, the daughter of Francis MacNamara and author of the book "Two Flamboyant Fathers" was married to Anthony Devas. The first couple of chapters of her book will give you some understanding of the characteristics of the MacNamaras, their friends and some of the old characters of Doolin in days long gone. Her sister CaitlĂ­n was married to the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Regular visitors to Doolin also included well-known writers and artists, such as Augustus John, J.M. Synge and George Bernard Shaw.

Maybe it was the influence off those free and rebellious spirits, their love for the arts and their eccentricity that made Doolin such an accepting and forgiving place - rather more metropolitan than rural in it's ways.

One of the Stone Circles around Doolin

Rumour has it that it was in Doolin that J.R.R. Tolkien got his inspiration for
'The Lord Of The Rings'...